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A character from indian mythology. He is known as idol man ever on earth. Ram killed ravan to save his wife and world.
people think Ram was God like Zesus, venus, pluto, saturn, neptune.
by theanil1981 November 14, 2007
Hundai motors is like suzuki, general motors, chevrolet, volksvagon etc.
by theanil1981 November 13, 2007
chief of a village who elected by adults of village by casting their vote
rajender is sarpanch of nohra village.
by theanil1981 December 14, 2007
The capital of The democratic Republic of India. A place where you can purchase needle to aeroplane. Here you can find duplicate of every man and everything.it is also famous for international trade fair.
Lets go to new delhi for iitf
by theanil1981 November 17, 2007
A herb rarely found in Himalyas used by ayurveda to increase sex power.
shilajeet is used by early saints to increase their sex power and concentration.
by theanil1981 November 24, 2007