my definition of saying “hey let’s watch romantic netflix movies and cuddle” not fuck you pervs
girl: wanna come over and watch netflix and chill
boy: as in fuck?
girl: no you dumbass
by ieatpenissticksandpussys January 24, 2020
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Code for wanna have sex while Netflix is playing in the background
“Hey wanna Netflix and chill later” “Sure I’ll get the condoms” “What I thought we were just gonna watch Netflix and chill” “It means have sex dumbass
by Heyyyytt February 02, 2018
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The phrase you wished you knew the definition of earlier
“Hey want to Netflix and chill
“Dude no I’m not gay
“Huh I’m just asking if you want to watch Netflix
“You know what Netflix and chill means right”
by Naniladlord October 09, 2020
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