There are two types of Nerd Girls, type A the fake and type B the true. Type A is the girl who usually points out that she is a nerd, she might wear glasses and act like she's a nerd to get attention. You commonly see these girls in high school, they might have fake glasses, talk about there nerdiness, and act like they know what they are talking about. Type B is the total opposite. They stay quiet and aren't seen with too many friends. They try to make themselves smaller and wear large hoodies, probably stolen from a dad or brother. Type B nerd girls are shy, but if you happen to mention something they enjoy say games or a course, sometime cartoon and anime, they will be quick to tell you a fact then be embarrassed. They are usually more creative types of people and can usually be found in art and writing courses, some are also writing for your school paper. They tend to have a messy appearance making people spread rumor and judge, but they are usually nice. They get discouraged easily by small comments and might have anxiety. Despite what you may think most nerd girls are like pandas. They are simple and shy people but fun to be around when you get them to open up. You might even see a side of them you never knew.
Girl A~ *finishes math problem* Oh I'm such a nerd girl!

Girl B~ I'll say! How did you even figure that out!?

Actual Nerd~ *pushes up glasses and continues reading the second book in Steven King's Mr. Mercedes series.*

Nerd Friend~ You already fished the first one? Wow... you're more of a nerd girl than I am...
by SpringStar001 May 13, 2017
A girl so addicted with something they are almost excluded from a group. It my be books, writing, science etc. They can be found in libraries and on youtube. Unpopular to the point of pride.
She was a nerd girl and nobody wanted her
by hazel grace December 17, 2013
A girl who's living a double life. She's hood at home, but stuck in the books at school. People are intimidated by her and she has trouble finding a clique she fits into. She is strong and true to herself.
She likes to smoke weed and hang out in the street, but you'd never know she's smart as hell. She's def a ghetto nerd girl.
by lilsallitachic July 13, 2013
A girl who looks like your average every day diva/girly girl/barbie/sweetheart but secretly reads long novels, plays video games, spends half her life on the computer.Possibly wears glasses and dyes her hair blonde and may be seen hiding in the library shelves.
'dude did you see that chick...she had a book wtf?'
'man..thats your typical Secret nerd girl'
'yuh...i heard she likes video games and can kick ass'
by Lealah April 7, 2009
The Cool Nerd can, by his cool nature, ever really only have one girl (hence the proper name). And the phonetic emphasis on the “The”. Her name is Kimberley. The Cool Nerds Girl is the most loyal and devoted lover. She makes up for her stubborn ways and sailors dialect with her motherly like devotion to her man’s well being. And her passion for his “being”
The Cool Nerds Girl would do anything for her man. And although Her style and heroic prose are sought after by many Cool Nerd Haters.
She will ever only have Victor in her sights.
Don’t even try it Jackson.””That’s The Cool Nerds Girl! She don’t even see you!”
by “The Cool Nerd” December 17, 2021
A cute girlfriend who does nerd things with you like video games and Pokemon Go
I caught a Pokemon with my baby girl nerd
by Humpdayyy49 July 14, 2016