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a typically sexy girl, shes funny cute smart and knows the way to get to your heart. she can be a totaall mess at times but she will still be cool.she is a trust worthy person and will always help you no matter what
Guy 1: i was with a neomi today
Guy 2: OMG i wish i was with her aswell

<3 <3 <3

Girl: i want to be like neomi
Guy: i would date you if you were
by jajajj123 April 26, 2011
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Neomi is one of the most gorgeous, highly intelligent, kind hearted, sweetest, witty, poetic and extremely hilarious females you'll meet. This females always speaks from her heart and is very honest. She's also loyal and loves deeply, more than most. And tends to say the most clever and funniest things at the perfect moment. Another thing about Neomi is that she's not premiscuous. She needs to be deeply in love, relaxed and comfortable first if she is to make love to someone. No one-night stands for this chic! She respects herself. And treats her sexual intimate relationship with her lover sacredly. And respectfully honors it to the fullest extent. She's well above a 10 as a girlfriend. And 1000% amazing as a wife! Love and treat her right and she'll make you the happiest person around. She's a definite pleaser in every aspect you can think of! Neomi, has the most beautiful heart, which is her true essence. And her love shows in all that she'll do for you. It has no boundaries. She's the type of female who you won't regret asking to marry. Your relationship with her will last a lifetime if given a real chance. Spend enough time with her, and you'll see for yourself, and know this to be true.
Do you know Neomi? Yeah, she was the beauty that got away. Whomever ends up with her is the luckiest.
by Crushingonher February 07, 2018
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