The period of the Stone Age associated with the ancient Agricultural Revolution(s). It follows the Paleolithic period.
The Neolithic (New Stone Age), which is associated with the origins of agriculture, followed the Paleolithic.
by HistoryNerd94 November 6, 2010
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Stoned. Baked off your ass. High from marijuana.
Dude, let's get Neolithic tonight. Go back to the Stone Age.
by tjaad August 24, 2014
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"Jessica Alba is neolithic."
"That sig is soo neolithic."
by LandonNub August 22, 2008
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a place of work or school ruled by someone with the common sense and mondern sensibiltys of a caveman and half the brains. it also smells bad.
stanchester community school nee neolithic dump

the e plures pessimus of dumps neolithic

see also= gound zero for matters idiotic with regards to funding
by le fay May 11, 2009
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a period of time that kicked ass. basically the only thing that is learned in school. if you need to pass any class, you only need to know the neolithic revolution. especially the global regents.
"shyt, son. the neolithic revolution was the only thing on that test. i kicked its ass like woahhh"
by anna June 18, 2004
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I learned about this today.

The Neolithic revolution is a transition from having to rely on hunting and gathering as your only source of food, to settling down.
You farmed and

domesticated animals / plants.
The Neolithic revolution was a new era
"The Neolithic Revolution is so useful"

" Yeah, if it wasn't for that we wouldn't have pets"

"My doggy!"
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A sexual act involving one breaking into the Museum of National History, stealing two Australopithecus femurs, tying them together with some curly fries and beating random bystanders on the streets of Manhattan, all while engaging in gratuitous buttsex.
-You ever see the night at the museum?
-You ever wanna steal bones and club people while having buttsex?
-Dude, you stole that from urban dictionary and the call it the neolithic nunchucks.
by Cunt Mc Queen and VaJayJays February 27, 2012
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