Oh My God! i love nemo ans i would enjoy doing him in the fishy booty!
by Bed Wetter! February 05, 2005
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1) a Fish from a Pixar movie

2) a captain from 20,000 leagues under the sea

3) a name someone signs their work of art with as a means of remaining temporarily anonymous. (usually so they can re-release the art after getting a reputation in the artistic community.)

4) an alias specifically used to have people forget your real name. A person doing that is "pulling a Nemo" (it could be with any name, but it has to be memorable.)
1) I love Finding Nemo! that's such a good movie

2.) Captain Nemo's badass!

4.) person1: haha i just met this chick named Miley

person2: dude, she's pulling a nemo. That's probably not even her real number.

person1: awwww. :(
by 0men May 12, 2011
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it mean nobody. you use it when the cops ask who you got your wed from or when you are buying it, it saves your name for later.
it was an alias used by jack the ripper if you didnt already know.
by mr.nemo March 04, 2005
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1) A song by the band Nightwish

2) Nothing. A blank nothingness
Nemo my name forevermore (Nighwish - Nemo)
by escaped_syco October 28, 2005
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background info: we've all heard there are other fishes in the sea. i've decided to name one of those types of fishes.

Noun. a male with a small member. nemo has a small fin that doesnt work very well..so that characteristic can be applied as well.

don't fuck him he's a nemo. =)

by littopurpleqt March 30, 2009
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a joke or other informative nugget circulated ad nauseum via email, usually by someone unaware the recipients of their email have seen the entry many many times
named after the 'Found Nemo' parody image of the Pixar-Disney movie "Finding Nemo", in which the main fish character has been Photoshopped into a sushi platter
by giraffe-o September 13, 2005
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