An extremely kind and loving person, generally fine as fuck and generous to everyone around him. Attracts plenty of girls but only had a special one in mind.
“Look there’s nedd, he’s the sweetest
by Spastic2.00 June 3, 2020
A word used to describe a spastic . Typically used as an insult
Ethan, Thomas you are a bunch of silly Nedd's
by Ethan is a nedd October 13, 2017
the retarded way of spelling 'need'

a Loch in the north of Scotland

a not so common, but awesome surname
'Corr, i really nedd a drink'

'Yeah, we went up to Loch Nedd a couple of days ago'

'I know, Nedd's well fit, don't you think?'
by mywildestdreamscametrue December 12, 2009
A teacher at a cursed middle school that will tickle you and give you a little tug.

Before you know it, hell be waiting for you at his tickle shed with his side hoe, Mr Webber.
John: Mr Nedd, Take me by the head, lead me to your bed, inside your tickle shed.
by Mr Nedd fan 5037 September 14, 2019
You will see some stuff in there and you might as well say goodbye to your vCard. But first he’ll smell your feet and then he’ll walk his fingers up to your little dong.
What he will do to you is unknown but mr nedds tickle shed is not the place to be
by Eoekcmdkee September 17, 2019
the most amazing person in the world and jeremz loves them so much 💖💖
yo did you hear how jeremz loves nedd/bee ?

fuck yeah i did
by jeremz March 13, 2022