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(Verb): 1. the action in where a person is following or tagging along in a group that no one wants there.

2. the action where one takes the subject of racism personal and gets too serious about it.

(Noun): 1. when one invites him or herself to an event

2. When one uses racism for no reason and protects racist slang terms with incoherent examples.
(Verb): 1. "Why is here" "Word, he's nealing so bad right now"

2. "You weren't a slave alright, calm down and stop nealing"

(Noun): 1. "Dude we like never hang out, dont be a neal" "A neal, shit, ok ok i'll leave"

2. "I suffered for 300 years" "'I suffered', c'mon, don't be a neal"
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When you want to run the fantasy football league as a dictatorship, but then someone calls you out and you quit the league because your team sucks.
Did you hear Tyson quit the league? Yeah he got pissed and decided he was NEALing.
by bobertnobbie September 11, 2019
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