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A very nice person when you get to know her. She has her up´s and downs her highs and lows, She is not affraid to show her true colors (BUT this is an awesome thing) But over all she is a very nice intelligent beautiful kind person.
#1 hey is that neah she is very nice
by neah! May 7, 2019
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used to get mad at someone, or in a secret language it means i love you. you can also use it for a greeting, and when you get excited.
by rawrachel May 19, 2010
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sex-c shmock with short hair
Always keep walking, " Neah whispered cradling his brother close
by Lavizard January 24, 2021
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who even chooses this name like the only neah i know is the most dramatic annoying person i’ve ever met like i’m sorry but this is just what i think
I just saw Neah walk town the hall
by good_definitions November 12, 2020
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Used in place of "no" or even "hell no".
A: Let's go study.
B: Neah, modern marvels is on.
by a-rice November 13, 2006
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neah means a good looking person a new word for buff, or peng, or choong.
if you see someone of the opposite sex and your with your frends or by yourself you shout out neah to them so they know that you think they are good looking.
(pronounced nyeh)
friends:oooo NEAH!
by ms roze January 24, 2007
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