NDY is the clan tag for the best COD Squad
by NDYCOD April 10, 2020
Example 1: Medic to battlefield soldier who is casualty from getting shot, stabbed, or blown up: Are you ok?

Wounded soldier replies: NDY.

Translation: I’m ok because I’m not dead yet.

Example 2: Veterans Affairs (VA) doctor to veteran in for treatment: How are you?

Veteran: NDY.

Translation: I’m not dead yet.
by OldArmyScout August 14, 2021
A noun used to describe someone who's neurodivergent.
I'm an Ndy, so please be patient.

Us Ndys have to stick together.

My dad is an Ndy.

Yo, that Ndy's absolutely killing it out there!
by MDLuffy1234 May 25, 2022
Stands for "Not Done Yet", still in progress.
I am NDY, but it'll be done soon!
by ACTechno2010 June 29, 2018