The coolest, handsomest young guy ever, talented and extremely smart. Ndre is so fun to be around and he makes the best boyfriend. Everyone loves Ndre. Did you see how blessed Ndre is? He is the best.
Ndre is blessed with the best! Did you know how talented is Ndre! Ndre is a genius! Ndre is hot!
by La dueรฑa June 1, 2020
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Always gets hurt and cry's a lot
That boy is very ndre
by Ahsheiny April 13, 2020
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Ndre can be shy and quiet but then she will make you laugh every single second.Ndre can be really dumb sometimes but unique. Sheโ€™s just stunning inside and out everything about her will make you go crazy.
friend: ndre is like my sis
friend:shes special and unique
by June 21, 2020
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Slang for "no dumb roaches ehehe"
Haha your an ndre Andrew
No I'm not
by Dumb Roach May 29, 2020
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A smart girl who is beautiful but does not like to FEEL lonely
Oh my god! She is a ndre oh my god! Sheโ€™s so lonley
by Hey bsf May 19, 2021
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An ndre is a confident pretty girl
Your so ndre
by adorecharli June 2, 2020
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