Nathum means "well mannered" in Arabic. It was then converted to Turkish pronunciation which is where the name Nazim originated. It is a male Turkish name that is common in countries like Turkey, Algeria and others that were previously under ottoman rule.
His name is Nazim
by Caprice360 April 20, 2021
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The Creater, often Compared to God, or the Devil. However he is one in the same

He can create and destroy with a single blink of his eye.

He is the Koorbullah, the one we must all worship.

He alone we love, and he alone we seek for help.
Dude, last night i went to khane and Nazim recited the announcements
by Koorbullah December 13, 2009
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Nazime would be the name of a person that would like to be a ruler. He ijas a bit of an ego but not to the point of dislikability. One would take a risk most of the time. Someone named Nazime would have an afro, brown or black eyes and would be pretty tall
Hey looks its Nazime!
by Zeems February 02, 2021
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Mixture of the words "nazi" and "animal", it indicates an extremist animal-rights activist.

Nazimals tend to have no respect or consideration for their human fellows and always put animals in the first place. Whenever there's a tragedy or people are dying, their only thoughts go out to animals. They are always talking about animal rights and don't give a damn about human rights, saying that "humans should die" while forgetting that they are human too and so are the people they love.
"I met Trisha last night, at first I thought that I had found someone who loves animals too... turns out, she was actually a nazimal."
by Italianwordmaker February 24, 2020
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Nazim F is a jolly fat male who enjoys 2K and lambs. He also likes boys and Beckham(trans).
Boy: There’s a lamb in my garage
Me: it’s definitely a Nazim F
Boy: he must also like boys and Beckham

Me: and must have a giant horse cock and bust fat nuts

Boy: Facts
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