The type of person who would fuck your mom and blame it on you. I know 3 Navarre all complete asshole. I remember one of them fucked my girl in my own bed. MY GOD DAMN BED. WHO THE FUCK DOES THAT.
"Navarre Fucked your mom."
by batman212 November 17, 2016
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A very smart person, almost brilliant. Can act like an idiot at times. Shy and quiet, can act reserved among anyone. A complete computer techie. Very dry sense of humor and can crack a joke at anything. Once you earn his trust, it stays with you. An all around good guy to have as a friend or lover.
"If only I had Navarr to fix my computer."
by Rory Chaze January 3, 2011
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Navarre High School is a high school in Northwest Florida in the town of Navarre that consists of ghetto hot Cheeto girls, redneck Trump supporters, flaming homosexuals, basic vsco sluts, SoundCloud rappers, teachers that border the line of pedo, fake hood rats, cringey anime kids in cosplay, band kids who’s humor hasn’t changed since 2016, jocks and cheerleaders who fit every stereotype possible, creepy seniors who prey on Freshmen, annoying Freshmen who kinda deserve it, and a whole lot of yeehaw.

We have a decent football team, but it fluctuates between ass and champions. Every other sport kind of sucks.
Take my advice: Get the hell out while you can!
Insulting Navarre High School is understandable and forgivable… unless you’re Gulf Breeze.
by OwOnuzzlewuzzle October 12, 2021
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A subpar school with a decent football team, and a god-awful basketball team. The place is filled with stereotypical jocks, wannabe thugs, idiotic rednecks, "Magic: The Gathering" players, "popular" SGA members, generic whores, band weenies, ROTC Nazis, and kids who think they can surf, there are very few people who don't fit into those categories. The education at the school is pretty bad as well, with few teachers that actually teach. The sports are meh, with a football team that fluctuates between awfulness and greatness, a basketball team that is always awful, and a relatively good soccer team. The other sports nobody really cares about.
Guy 1: "Do you want to go to Navarre High School?"
Guy 2: "Why the hell would I want to do that?"
by Nay-var May 29, 2014
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A high school that is cut both ways. Here you can find wannabe hoods, guys who carry around skateboards, but don’t know how to actually skate, and girls with their jeans too tight while sitting like they broke their back. We have a pretty decent football team and that’s pretty much all we’re known for. The staff can be pretty iffy, while the students couldn’t give less of what they are learning. Other than that, you’ll be hella bored and pissed off with everyone after your first year.
Dammit, George. I should’ve went to Gulf Breeze not Navarre High School.”
by retrospect_ April 30, 2019
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Navarre High School is in small ass Navarre Fl,

we all bitch and fight and we hate them gb dolphins .
Yo i heard that gb full of std bics?

Hell yeh mayne come to my Navarre High School shits soooo cash.
by Boosie850 August 11, 2011
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Another word for hell/a place of great suffering.
"I hope that criminal ends up in Holley-Navarre Middle School, he certainly deserves it."
by Broekn November 8, 2021
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