Noun. - A rancid salty mucas-like secretion from the pores of a 'wnaulty' person/thing.

see naulty (verb)
"That kid is dripping with nault."

"The smell of the nault left on his seat was enough to make me vomit."

"Will is coming over, set up the nault-proof couch covers."
by Dalhousie April 11, 2009
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To prematurely ejaculate, usually in one's jeans when feminine contact is first achieved. Heart rate and breathing increase and a couple of "Oh's" might escape said "Naulter" during the act.
I couldn't help it. When Becky started rubbing my neck, my dick instantly got hard and I naulted.
by Misfit the Dog April 30, 2009
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An unexplained condition that causes you to become obsessed with artwork making you unable to stop spending all your money on paintings
" I was over at daryls last night and he's got like 300 fucking paintings in his living room .., the dudes got s pretty serious case of nault syndrome "
by Super jo jo and friends June 29, 2016
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one of the most valued choreographer of this time, he made a Nutcracker ballet in matter of three weeks , and is the only choreoographer who made another version than the one from Balanchine.
is that old man Fernand Nault of what?
by diableincarne December 29, 2003
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