21 definitions by Super jo jo and friends

When you are in the doghouse for getting drunk and snorting cocaine with your buddies all weekend instead of spending time with your girlfriend .... You strategically suprise her with a dozen roses causing her to forget about your escapade and have her jumping up and down like a happy kangaroo
Dave: hey tom is your old lady still pissed about the weekend? Tom : nah it's all good I just gave her a happy kangaroo ... Let's go get drunk again
by Super jo jo and friends June 15, 2016
An unexplained condition that causes you to become obsessed with artwork making you unable to stop spending all your money on paintings
" I was over at daryls last night and he's got like 300 fucking paintings in his living room .., the dudes got s pretty serious case of nault syndrome "
by Super jo jo and friends June 30, 2016
This is produced when you blow a massive load on your girlfriends forehead
"Fuck Stacey Forgot to pick me up a case of beer on the way home ... I'm gonna have to dump a load of thinking sauce on her head tonight "
by Super jo jo and friends July 12, 2016
This is when you grab an Indian and throw him off a roof
" hey rusty lets go sneak up behind merv and give him a flying buhay"
by Super jo jo and friends June 29, 2016
This is what you say to a thirty year old running around aimlessly in your neighbourhood at 4 o'clock in the morning looking for pikachu
DAVE: " hey tom who's that clown running around on your front lawn in the rain with his I phone?" TOM: "who knows , that dude should get a fucking job "
by Super jo jo and friends July 16, 2016
When you sneak up behind a retarded person and pull his pants down around his ankles and yell "ICE CREAM!!"..... in his excitement He begins running aimlessly .....however due to the fact that his pants are around his ankles he instead waddles around much like a retarded penquin would
"Hey tom lets go follow those kids that just got off the short bus and pull a couple retarded penquins on them "
by Super jo jo and friends June 28, 2016
Strictly a class move….This occurs when you are pounding your girlfriend doggy style and just before you are about to blow your load you hit her in the back of the head with a Gibson Les Paul acoustic guitar and yell " el kabong!!"
Tom " hey Dave can I have my guitar back you'borrowed?" Dave:"Sorry dude but I broke it over Rondas head the other night giving her an el kabong"