When one male moves his tongue in a circular motion like a tornado inside a pussy, while another male fucks her in the ass until he bust like a volcano.
I really hope those two guys will natural disaster me tonight.
by Burbs24 December 10, 2010
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When a natural disaster wipes out huge numbers of a populace whether it be in a town, city, state/province even a country, one could consider it to be a natural disaster genocide.

While genocide is often described in definition to be deliberate, it is the connotation of the word that brings about the definition of natural disaster genocide.

Earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, droughts & floods are some of the most popular forms of natural disasters that often yield high casualty rates.
Haiti was a natural disaster genocide, an earthquake affected over one third of the country killing and displacing thousands.
by Byron The Bomb January 15, 2010
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A game on Roblox either played by 5 year olds or those with shitty craptops that cannot run other more intensive Jailbreak games. It's quite old and has stood the test of time quite well, as it has a decent amount of people who play it at the same time.
Yo hop on Roblox
What we playing boys
Natural Disaster Survival
by Taliban_501 December 22, 2021
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I heard there's gonna be a natural disaster
Person 1: "I heard there's gonna be a natural disaster!"
Person 2: "Crazy!"
Person 1: "Right?!"
by indiigo x November 7, 2021
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When someone named adi Patel starts busting off to tom holland. The waves of cum will be so large , Shivams greatness pales in comparison to it.
An example of a natural disaster might be your local alien adi Patel busting off to Tom holland during computer science class in school
by Thegoatestshivam December 13, 2021
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Something some are using as an excuse to try and run people off.
They had convinced people living there that it was a good idea to relocate, even though they had lived there for years, based on natural disasters and climate change.
by The Original Agahnim January 24, 2022
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