A terrible ‘holiday’ that doesn’t exist, usually celebrated solely for an excuse to do gross things to people.
Sexual harassment has really been more prevalent on National Rape Day, hasn’t it?”

“Yeah. This is so gross that I bet these people breathe shit instead of oxygen.
by broiledeggs April 4, 2021
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A group of TikTok users have spawned a perverse and immoral trend, where they are claiming that April 24th is "National Day" (or National Rape Day), and they are threatening sexual assault against women that day.

The reason April 24th is significant os because March 24th is "National Sexual Assault Victims Day", and April is "Sexual Assault Awareness Month". So this date was intentionally chosen to inflict the most emotional fear.

Links for people who have not read but this yet:



Women & Women-presenting: Please be extra careful on April 24th.
Demented TikTok user: "I'm planning to have some fun on April 24th, National Rape Day, you coming?"

Any Sane Person: " Hell no! Do you realize that not only are you breaking the law, but you're going to emotionally damage that woman for life? It's always about consent, man!!"
by NextGenSex April 19, 2021
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Don’t rape people it’s bad and national rape day is to put a stop to it
National rape day is to stop people raping girls and sometimes boys
by Stevi hardford March 20, 2021
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This is not a pass to violate someone you fucking degenerate. If you think this is real you can go fuck yourself.
Fuckface 1: Hey there! It’s National Rape Day!
Me: No, and for that. You can go die.
by poobis mcgoobis April 11, 2021
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National rape day is disgusting 🤮 why would u want to rape and innocent person when they did NOTHING to you it doesn’t make any sense at all for men to come up with a day to rape women/girls it doesn’t make any sense if you are a man seeing this rn u should ROT in JAIL!!😁 that will make me happy 😊
by Malfoyd April 7, 2021
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A fake day created by small dick bitch boys that create their fantasies from people’s vulnerability.
Some kid who still yells at their mom: “I can’t wait for National Rape Day. I’ve been craving pussy ever since I’ve realized no one will ever (even in the slightest) love me.”

Any person with morality: *cuts dick & balls off and shoves it down their throat* :)
by Your God on Acid April 15, 2021
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