This is not a pass to violate someone you fucking degenerate. If you think this is real you can go fuck yourself.
Fuckface 1: Hey there! It’s National Rape Day!
Me: No, and for that. You can go die.
by poobis mcgoobis April 11, 2021
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A terrible ‘holiday’ that doesn’t exist, usually celebrated solely for an excuse to do gross things to people.
Sexual harassment has really been more prevalent on National Rape Day, hasn’t it?”

“Yeah. This is so gross that I bet these people breathe shit instead of oxygen.
by broiledeggs April 4, 2021
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If you celebrate this please crash into the nearest oil refinery nobody will miss you.
(national rape day is shit) Dude if I could tell the gym teacher to drive into the nearest oil refinery i would be sooo happy
by Yuepoo20 February 7, 2023
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Don’t rape people it’s bad and national rape day is to put a stop to it
National rape day is to stop people raping girls and sometimes boys
by Stevi hardford March 20, 2021
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A fake day created by small dick bitch boys that create their fantasies from people’s vulnerability.
Some kid who still yells at their mom: “I can’t wait for National Rape Day. I’ve been craving pussy ever since I’ve realized no one will ever (even in the slightest) love me.”

Any person with morality: *cuts dick & balls off and shoves it down their throat* :)
by Your God on Acid April 15, 2021
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National Rape Day was created by a bunch of lonely men who are insecure and secretly hate themselves for never getting enough attention from their mommies. They can’t get any real pussy and are so pathetic that they have to take it from an innocent girl/woman without their consent. The men who created National Rape Day most certainly still live in their mothers basement, and makes her cry if she gives him 11 Dino nuggets instead of 12. These men punch holes in their wall because some girl he’s clearly never had a chance with blocked him... even though he said he was about to “kms fr this time” only to post pictures on snap of the “self harm” he made on his arms with an extra sharped pencil. What these men don’t comprehend, is that this is not normal behavior to have. It’s a mental sickness, and you should really seek help into why you’re having these desires to engage in non-consensual sex. I believe that it’s possible for women to rape too, and these boys and men deserve justice aswell. Being raped is something I wouldn’t wish on my worst Enemy, because it’s a very different and disturbing pain that you just can’t escape no matter how hard you try. It’s almost like something is taken from you that you cannot put into words. In this sick world you can no longer trust anyone, not even your closest friends...I would know and so would the many other girls he’s effected forever.
The Boys: yo this National Rape Day finna be lit😈
Me: so y’all wanna get tazed now or later?🥰
by Urmom69696969420 April 24, 2021
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National rape day is NOT a real “holiday”, it is a thing that started on ticktock and and A FAKE EXCUSE FOR PEOPLE TO DO GROSS THINGS TO OTHERS!
National rape day is April 24th and people believe that it’s a excuse, please stay safe.
by Ur.fav.Brunette January 30, 2023
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