a really sad canadian who thinks hes popular. tends to be gay and tries to disturb little boys. no dick and has a hairy pussy. also is a huge fan of justin bieber
Boy 1: god bieber sucks
Boy 2: Don't let nathna hear that, or he will try to rape you
Nathan: Thats right, come hear you little 6 year old, i need to rape you
by raid1234567 December 14, 2010
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Sexual tyransaur, pussy pounder.
Nathan is a god dam sexual tyransaur.

He pulled the ol' nathan on that hose hound last night.
by Dip007 May 24, 2017
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An annoying jew whos really skinny and has a long nose comparable to the empire state. They tend to study all day and act smart but in reality there actually dumb but seem smart cause they study. They also think they are so nice good looking nice and clever but actually never loose there virginity and are big pussys for there whole lives
Dude if you keep on messing with girls your gonna end up like a nathan
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by rob183828276 October 11, 2017
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A true gentleman who has mastered the art of female courtship. A man who wants to experience true love with his soul mate and won't stop until he succeeds. A determined man who knows what he wants and knows how to get it. It may take some time before he gets it but it's all worthwhile. A clever man who has the capacity to romance your heart with his lyrical tear-jerking rapture which leaves you attached to the vision of what is yet to follow. If Nathan was an animal, he'll definitely be the famous 'Bird of Paradise' because he has the same traits and courtship moves not to mention his hair style. His fancy footwork and the voice from heaven is enough to surrender to his enchanting charm.
Nathan will take you on a flight of fancy to have an affair with your heart.
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by Nathans lovebird September 30, 2017
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super hot and sexy boy. I love him soooo much!!!!! He is the most attractive boy Ive ever met. He is handoms. caring, funny and the best guy in the world. I love him. I hope he asks me out!!!
Nathan is the most handsome boy ever!!!
by lalalalalalalalall November 07, 2011
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A handsome man, normally dark haired and tanned, has great style and taste and can get any girl he likes. A Nathan is a Pro at mostly every sport, especially football! His appearance gives him the impression of being a 'bad man' but really he is the nicest guy you could ever meet; sweet; caring; lovable and gives the best hugs. He may not be the smartest of the group, or the most inteligent, but most definatly has the nicest personality. Also, he has a HUGE cock and the best body EVER! Allthough a Nathan seems quite innocent, he can have a different side to him; Being non-trustworthy and a bit of payer. However a Nathan is one of a kind, so hold on to them forever!
Girl; oh i really want a boyfriend...
Girl2; oh my god, you need to get a Nathan, they are the purfect!
by Anonagaintehe April 19, 2011
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