Nathan is the type of guy you notice in your 7th grade class and think is cute as frick but dont approach him until a few years later. He doesnt smile much when you see him, but when he sees you the room, through your eyes, brightens up. He loves having you around even though you think he thinks you are annoying. When he's your boyfriend, you feel inadequate because he is not open about his feelings in the beginning. But now he can tell you what you did to make him upset. Whenyou walk around the halls withwith him and see his ex you try to hide because you don't want to rub it in their face that you have Nathan. Sometimes you think he's bipolar from the way he changes from majorly pissed off to caring and kissable. But you like it because he looks eXTRA fine like that. The dog filter onsnapchat makes him look adorable. He might ask for picyures of your face once in a while but it's because he misses your presence. He is a good boyfriend because he cares so much about you. Nathan will fight anyone who hurts you. He wants to make sure you see yourself the way he does but denies it when you call him cute. He goes to the gym on a regular basis for whatever reason. He somtimes hates on stuff you love and you cant tell if its playful or not. But Nathan will care and support stuff you do. He is a GOD at guitar hero and can play some other interesting instruments. You will play games with him in the beginning but realizze that youre getting deeper and deeper.
Person 1: wow, I wish my boyfriend was a Nathan
Person 2: mine is
Person 1: welL, GOOD FOR YOU
by end my soup June 22, 2016
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the most fucking annoying whiny bitch you will ever know. he constantly wants to talk in the most annoying times and will never leave you alone. he doesn't have a good personality himself so he will constantly copy other people in order to get people to like him. he abuses any responsibility he has and he is a fucking cuck. nobody likes him because he tries to hard to fit in and if he does find some friends it is usually because he was introduced to them and clings to them like a squirrel to his nuts.
"Wow that guy is such a nathan, look at him take all those friends away from me because he cant get his own."
by normal_baked_bean August 28, 2017
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A true christian man. He loves people and strives to be like Jesus in everything he does. His goal in life is to follow Jesus and show Jesus' love to the world. If he has a girlfriend, then she is the luckiest girl in the world to have caught the attention and affections of this man. A Nathan will make a wonderful husband and father, without a doubt. Nathans are few and far between, and if you know one, count yourself lucky.
Girl 1: I wish my boyfriend was more like Nathan
Girl 2: Yeah, me too
by 8371920 May 11, 2011
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A Manipulative C**t who treats people like sh** and feels he is superior to everyone else.
That Dude Is Such A Nathan
by ju ju Ja June 21, 2013
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The nicest person you could meet and is friends to all. He's smart and he is funny too. He's one to be around and is usually not single. He is sexy,kind and always happy go lucky.
And he is a legend at the guitar
Girl 1:Look at the new kid he seems nice
Girl 2:He's definitively a Nathan
Girl 3:And he's dreamy
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a really sad canadian who thinks hes popular. tends to be gay and tries to disturb little boys. no dick and has a hairy pussy. also is a huge fan of justin bieber
Boy 1: god bieber sucks
Boy 2: Don't let nathna hear that, or he will try to rape you
Nathan: Thats right, come hear you little 6 year old, i need to rape you
by raid1234567 December 14, 2010
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