The cutest boyfriend in the world. Knows how to make a girl smile, and gives her butterflies every time she sees him. Has a smile that lightens up the room and a laugh that drives you crazy. Has a sexy body yet no abs, BUT! has an ass that can never be forgotten. Nathan is a gentleman and is very intelligent. He has very high and model-like cheekbones and is very tall. Nathan is great in bed... I mean great! & knows how to make a girl feel special. Nathans are hard to resist!
Girl 1, "Damn look at that sexy boy walking boy".
Girl 2, "He must be a Nathan!"
by djkpard April 08, 2012
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the most amazing person you could probably meet. Sweet, caring and loving and has a great sense of humour. Will accept people for who they are.
stranger1: I met a guy last night.
stranger2: Was he a Nathan?
stranger1:yeah, so sweet.
by anatomylove December 28, 2009
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a splendiferously amazing guy who brightens my day without even trying. when he holds my hand i get butterflies that are incomparable to anything else in this world. he makes me smile like i dont think i ever have before. he is sweet and funny..and i think hes making me a better person than i was before :)

also, he is a B.A. guitar player and epic poet! :D
Wow! he is such a nathan. you are soooo lucky to have him.
by splendiferous kassi November 24, 2009
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the most amazing friend you will ever have. he knows just what to say and when to say it. you can go to him with anything and everything and know that you wont be judged. nathans have tons of friends who would do anything for him in a heart beat. nathan just means, an all around amazing guy.
by to brighten your day August 03, 2010
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The most incredible guy in the world. Smart and honorable, all Nathans will grow to have the biggest cock. He loves to flirt and gets all the girls. Godly at every little thing he does. He has curly hair that could be styled anyway he wants. Athletic, favored sport football! ever girl he meets loves him right away either now or later either way they will love him for his player skills and big cock. Legend in the bed and in the streets Known by everyone. He will have your mom wanting him. He is mostly serious all the time. Push his buttons he will fuck you up. Get him hyped his cock will be in your vagina for sure. All girls that just talk to him really want him in their dreams. They just cant say it. Loves the Asians and white girls the most.

Best Name Ever.
girl 1: OMG hes such a NATHAN!


-they fight-

Nathan: ladies ladies i dont mind sharing myself ;D

girl 3: can i join?
girl 4-99999999: US TOO!
girl 4651: I want that nathan!

Funny example :D
by Lawlster June 29, 2009
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Handsome, really nice guy that cares. He knows when someone likes him, but prefers to not be involved in a relashionship.
He acts a bit like he doesn't care, but a few people know there is more to him than others think.

Even though he gets attention, he doesn't go with the populars. He prefers to stay aside with calm people he can relate to.
Looooool i love him! i love nathan! u shud have seen him looking at me!
i LOVE his h.g.e.
by u-know-who00 March 22, 2009
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