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Nate’s are usually the most important person in a group of people, they usually don’t stand out too much but they help keep the peace. They are always going to be the first person you want to ask for help because they will always stop to help. Nate’s have the tendency to be the outlier because they like things that people don’t know much about. They usually have blue eyes, and brown or black hair. They like to participate in anything new, however they sometimes don’t show it right away. They will always stay by your side if you are hurt in any way. You usually have to be a really good friend to grab their attention, they are very loyal, but don’t think they won’t stray away for a minute. Nate’s are usually good at most things they do, such as music, math, and whatever other hobbies they have. It is hard to make th mad, they are very laid back, what angers them the most is other people hurting his friends or family, and when they’re mad it’s like a bomb going off. Nate’s are the types of guys who like to pick wisely, so if you get him as your boyfriend you know you will be with him forever.
Nate’s so smart, kinda cute too.
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by About19Wookiees May 28, 2018
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