An amazing girl who is shy and demure.
But under that shy exterior , she is fun and loving and has the ability to make people laugh instantly.
She likes fantasy novels and enjoys learning about different cultures ESPECIALLY asian.
One word to describe her is perfect.
Nasima is just pretty darn amazing, thats all everyone needs to know
by lalaland9592 June 10, 2013
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She’s always there for you ❤️ She’s the bestfriend of a girl named Ruweydah She’s my dayonee we got so much plans together 🥺🥺 wanna spend the rest of my lifee was this girl ❤️❤️
Is that THE Nasima

isn’t that ruweydah’s bestfriend?
by Ruweydahxx April 28, 2020
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Someone who doesnt give freedom, is obsessive, cant control temper, is stingy with money and frets over what they look like. A control freak
by Dr Ali Khan April 5, 2012
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Nasimas boyfriend is amaan
Nasimas boyfriend is amaan😍😍😍😍
by Nasimas boyfriend July 2, 2021
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