When i say Nanon, he is the finest mf alive. He has the best smile. FUCKING DIMPLES BRO. The smile that could lighten up the world. The smirk he let out will led you going BARK BARK WOOF WOOF on your knees and everything. His face is aesthetically so pleasing. His facial expressions are on point. He has a way of catching you off guard and making you laugh and blush. He is that man that got you crying, shitting and throwing up on a daily basis. You either love him or want to be him. There is no other. He is the face you imagine when you make up scenarios. He is
Nanon, you gotta be tired cause you have been running around my mind all day...
by November 24, 2021
A nanon is a shorter alternative to "nanometre", equal to a length of 10^-9 m. It may also be used to refer to objects or phenomena in or around the nanometre range. The nanon is analogous to the "micron", the latter being equivalent to "micrometre".
i) The new nanoparticles have a diametre of 40 nanons.
ii) This novel property of silicon can be attributed to periodic structures in the sub-nanon range.
by Paco83 November 7, 2013
Right now, anyone can declare a piece of land as a micronation. That means you self-declare as a country. The trick is getting other sovereign nations to recognize you. So far, not one micronation is recognized. Sealand would be about the closest one so far. That doesn't mean you can't declare yourself as your own nation, and act like it.

- declare yourself important enough to warrant your own real estate
Aaron: Hey Waller. Have you seen Murmel today?
Waller: Ya. But she's in her nanonation and not talking to anyone.
Aaron: Bitch
Waller: Fo shizzle
by karbyn April 12, 2010
One of the most talented people in the world. Honestly he can make you cry just by looking at his eyes. A kind man with many love for everyone. He is the perfect husband that everyone want, he can sing, can play an instrument, can drive, can cook, love his family and he is an actor!!! More he is handsome!!
- " Have you ever been in love?"
- " Yes, one time and I still love him"
- " Who is this person?"
- " Nanon Korapat, the only love of my life"
by Aiko_Tsukishima_ December 4, 2021
1. (noun) a sort-of micronation (not to be confused with microstate) declared within another micronation
2. (noun) a simulationist, geofictional micronation with no recognition as being real by even the leader of the micronation
3. (noun) a combination of both the above definitions
1. She, as a member of the Principality of Sealand, chose to declare independence within Sealand itself.
2. I have a nanonation in OpenGeofiction with the name Exintor.
3. I, a contributor to his geofiction project on Micras, chose to create my own nanonation-type fork of it instead.
by herobrine049X March 25, 2022
Nanon's are an alien race similar to humans. They once were immortal until a worldwide pandemic of a virus that caused lost DNA over cell division was spread. They are super intelligent, with an average IQ from 170-230. They originated of the planet Nanothuama and begun the CL Empire.
Nanon's are so smart!
by Gottüberallesπ April 1, 2021