45 definitions by Bak Hyemi

Baby formula are used by some anti roblox slenders to throw at roblox slenders for it
I order 1 box of aptamil baby formula and i throw it at roblox slenders
by Bak Hyemi September 4, 2021
na means no in romansh
Anna: Do you support thatveganteacher?
Haru: NA!
Anna: Ok, i know that thatveganteacher was worst person, how about you like among us
Haru: NA!
Anna: What's na mean?
by Bak Hyemi July 8, 2022
best story game ever

i will see more about linda and bruno if theres is part 2
I am just playing Linda Brown Game here
by Bak Hyemi September 16, 2022
Was used in Minecraft and Roblox for get more items without controlled by a player or auto controlled
This is why how afk farm for roblox game called build a boat also watch jessetc channel for more roblox build a boat afk farm stuff
by Bak Hyemi June 13, 2021
360ml is alternative word for soju
Me searching 360ml in google images and results is soju
by Bak Hyemi July 2, 2021