An Australian slang term for a Nitrous oxide bulb, derived from the sound distortion that occurs when one is under the influence of the drug.
"I just had a nang, I don't think I have ever laughed as hard in my entire life"
by thenanganator July 15, 2013
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(or bulberators, whippets, cream chargers)

Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas - used as anaesthetic in dentistry) filled little gas cylinders normally used in a
whipped cream syphon ('Nang machine') in cafes etc, but inhaled slowly directly into the mouth or via a filled balloon. Gives a detachment high for around one minute. Term nang thought to come from Western Australia and from the sound distortion you have while affected. It's legal to buy in all states in Australia. Usually accompanies other drugs such as ecstacy pills and acid. Purchased in box of ten from delis, servos and supermarkets.
He went to buy some nangs
Have you got a nang machine?
by comarose February 12, 2004
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Another way of saying cool, wicked, etc. Has many derivities.
by Dreamy March 29, 2005
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means wicked, good,cool, sweet.. etc etc
by loodie July 9, 2004
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Nang: Really cool.
Comes from London. Used by a varitiy of people.
"You look nang in that dress!"
"That film was nang!"
by Redmonx July 21, 2005
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good, cool, wicked, immense, amazin
Megan Is Nang
Dat Tune Is Nang
by BobDylan March 26, 2007
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