Originates from Hackney, London.
Means something really cool, or ace, or great.
"Who's that new singer you're obsessed with then?"

"Who, Jose Vanders? Yeahhh, she's nang!"
by ILoveJoseVanders November 11, 2007
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when something is wicked amazing cool.
i went to see this band last night called TSNK and they were nang!
by dee wop November 18, 2005
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nang means anything good... anything that is cool, positive ... opposite of KRITE
that fiesta is NANG!
OMG that specialized bike is SOOOO NANNNG
sami is so nang...

awhh NANG we completed spec of on VET! NNAAAAANNNGGG

ohh dass nang...
by thenangestucanget December 01, 2009
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Cor, that was well nang!

Guy 1: Have you seen Star Wars Ep. 3?
Guy 2: Man, that movie is nang!
by The future AlphaClock June 09, 2005
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Nang, noun.

Nangs or Nangers, plural.

Nangerator, a device used for cracking nangs.

A nang is the Australian slang term for a co2 (nitrous oxide, laughing gas) canister, intended for whipping cream but also used as a recreational drug.

They're also known as bulbs, whippits (reference to whipping cream) or cream chargers.

The nang is "cracked" with a nangerator; a soda syphon, commercial cream whipper or purpose built unit made to depressurize the gas for inhalation. The name comes from an auditory hallucination some users get while effected. A heavy user may be dubbed a "nangasaurus rex"
"Hey El chuck us another nang"

"......Ummmm, there aren't any left"

"goddamn it Elena, you are a friggin' nangasaurus"
by haystacks calhoun September 10, 2012
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A stubbornly dirty asshole.

When you've recently done a bowel movement, and you have to keep on wiping and wiping and wiping and wiping but it just won't get clean, always having poop on the toilet paper with each wipe.

Can be a very uncomfortable and annoying ailment. It is suggested that if you experience nang, you include more fibre in your diet.
"Oh man, I just missed my favourite show cause I was stuck on the toilet with a goddamn nang!"

"I need to buy extra toilet paper as I always seem to have a nang"
by Powertrippin22 February 13, 2017
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