A stubbornly dirty asshole.

When you've recently done a bowel movement, and you have to keep on wiping and wiping and wiping and wiping but it just won't get clean, always having poop on the toilet paper with each wipe.

Can be a very uncomfortable and annoying ailment. It is suggested that if you experience nang, you include more fibre in your diet.
"Oh man, I just missed my favourite show cause I was stuck on the toilet with a goddamn nang!"

"I need to buy extra toilet paper as I always seem to have a nang"
by Powertrippin22 February 13, 2017
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A word originated by Hockey YouTuber BaconCountry, it is the action of something or someone going very very very fast.

It is usually shouted to signify something that is going very fast.
As Joe watched the hockey player skate with lightning speed, he shouted, "NANG."
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by Panarino March 28, 2018
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The crudest name for nitrous oxide used as a recreational drug. such a harsh name for such a sweet + beautiful drug. Nos, bulbies, whippets, nitrous, or just straight "gas" are much more appropriate, not to mention relative.
ive got a box of nangs



its called "nos" fool!
by arjo October 08, 2005
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