The crudest name for nitrous oxide used as a recreational drug. such a harsh name for such a sweet + beautiful drug. Nos, bulbies, whippets, nitrous, or just straight "gas" are much more appropriate, not to mention relative.
ive got a box of nangs



its called "nos" fool!
by arjo October 08, 2005
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"Nang"-Adjective to discribe ones appreciation, liking or affirmation

Synonyms: Cool, Rad, Sweet, Tight etc.
-"Do you like this band?"

--"yeah, they're nang"
by rockenglandrock February 09, 2011
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a 'nang' is a little metal bomb shaped like thing that holds nitrous oxide. this is inhaled with the aid of an old soda stream device, the gas is then released into a baloon then inhaled through the mouth. nangs are particually good when taken coming down on exstacy.
eg. big night out, head mangled, go back to a party get some nangs. cause it strangely sorts your head out when you come back down to earth from the nang hit.
by sam February 17, 2004
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London black urban slang, used mostly on north side of river. Basically means the same as 'heavy'.
'Wanna playa-hate us cos wee're nang.'

Neeko's chat on 'OI!' by more fire crew.
by Kilo Lobo June 14, 2003
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