Seth is SUPER cute ! Like oml yuu dont even know ! His laugh is awwww! He short, cute, nonathletic, obsessed with video games, only knows how to say idk, and is kinda annoying. His hair is soooo curly. But the sad part is that his curly hair is a perm. OOPS I JUST EXPOSED HIM! LMFAO. But... When yuu see him yuu will fall in love with him.
oml seth is so fn cute!!

eww no yuu crazyyy

a name

f u he is! ereybody likes him !

Not me sooo...

His hair !!

I admit his hair is goals !

see b yuu like him !

no i dont !


but YUU like him !

okay b ! wut bout it !

bye f u !

Bye dont careee

by uhydbchuewbdxewjmcgbgki January 10, 2018
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The first step to making manga before making the manuscript! It is kind of like a sketch.
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A name is are words that ur parents or Mother named you at birth .
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by Nyah💨 February 04, 2018
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She's a very beautiful and sensitive, she's trust worthy and and the Realest person. She's really kindhearted. She loves too deeply and gets hurt easily...
Girls like her tend to have bad trust issues. If you know an arleny girl and you are really close to her, you could tell everything by looking in her eyes. Be careful, don't mess with her because you could easily hurt her.

She's a really strong girl but she never forgets.

You'll have to be really special to her if you could bring her real smile out. She's also fun to be around and cool to hang out with.

I would never wanna loose an arleny girl, she's great!
by Xogirl August 29, 2014
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Eshan is the name of someone who is a very beatiful and Kine person. He is also going to be a football} star. He has a good personality and take care of other people.
Eshan is very kind. Eshan you are good in football.
Eshan is a name.
by ImYourCrush October 08, 2019
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a word or set of words by which a person, animal, place, or thing is known, addressed, or referred to.
"my name is Parsons, John Parsons"
a famous person.
"as usual, the big race will lure the top names
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by jenalouis November 29, 2020
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