Urban Dictionary's signature importance in cultural society, but that gives it too much credit.

While a name is a faux-birthmark, UD writers seem to think that your name defines who you are. Essentially the only purpose of names on this website is to give an ego-boost to anyone who searches their own name up and to buy it as a mug.
Example 1: "Dude, I just wrote something great about myself on Urban Dictionary under my name!" the man said gleefully. "Go fuck yourself", the other replied, fully aware this person is ruining the Urban Dictionary website (as if it had any sort of reputation anyway).

Example 2: "While, the, name is a faux-birthmark", a man spoke to himself, as he wrote up the definition of 'Name' on Urban Dictionary in order to appear meta and hip. In actuality, nothing he has written in the last 3 minutes has contributed anything to society and will probably never be seen.
by ElijahPepe September 08, 2020
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A type of word on Urban Dictionary where people put a bunch of flattering words about either their romantic partner or themselves.
john is so epic and hot and cool and hot and crazy and hot and caring and hot and hot and he has a very cool and epic and hot name and you are very lucky if you have him and also he's hot did i mention that he's hot because he's very hot and-
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by bobinator133 March 14, 2021
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The most beautiful and loyal girl you will ever see. She is fun, adventurous and smart. She has a healthy apatite for sex, all she wants to do is listen to music and have sex most days. If you are lucky enough to have her you better treat her like the queen she is! Because if you lose her you will regret it for the rest of your life! She will do everything she can to just make you happy, but the moment she feels disrespected or used she will snap fast and become some kind of monster! The kind of monster you see at the end of your bad with a knife in the middle of the night, or you notice your food tastes funny because she has been poisoning you for months!
Mazzi Slimm you are perfect and beautiful! Best girl ever! Everyone needs a Mazzi Slimm in their lives!
She is the best girl ever, Mazzi Slimm is her name don't get it wrong. If you ever meet a girl whose name is Mazzi Slimm keep her around forever!
by TheTruthIsMyGod March 28, 2020
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