The sound you make to gain a specific person's attention.
"Hello! What's your name, pal?"
"Owen, yours?"
"Luke! Nice to meet you."
"Pleasure's mine."

And then 6 months later Luke asked Owen on a date..
by buckety-o-bucket August 21, 2017
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A name is a label used to identify a person, place, or thing. It can be given to you by someone else or one you've chosen for yourself.

In the case of people, your name is one of the most important things your have both in terms of reputation and how you feel about yourself. Having a name you loathe can have very negative effects on your self-esteem, health, and success in this world; and likewise having a name you love has positive effects. If you are going though life with a name you can’t stand, you should change it to something you like. The bottom line is, it’s your name and you have to live with it, other people don’t.
Ruth didn't like her name so she changed it to Alex.
by OneBadAsp October 17, 2006
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Your name is your personal identification, given to you by your tutor at the moment of your birth, at times it is given to you before you came out of the uterus by your parents or adoptive parents that had a deal with a woman who's uterus they rented. There is cases like orphans or children left behind that get names later on in their lives by uncles, nuns and others.
If you have an average English, there is a high likelihood that it will be registered in urban dictionary might tell you excellent things: To women, it tells them that they are special and beautiful, unique in every sense and kind hearted; while to men it'll tell them that they are the perfect boyfriend, that their penis is ginormous and they are unstoppable in the bed, also that they are intelligent and magnificent.
But there are exceptions to this rule such as Eugene.
1: Hello there, my name is Mark.
2: Oh cool, I'm Erika.
1: Really? That's great! Urban dictionary says Erika's are great people, really understanding and charming, no way one could be bad, urban dictionary wouldn't lie.

After college Mark and Erika got married Erika became a housewife and 5 years in their marriage, Erika cheated and got divorced, took away the kids and Mark's money
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by nicklikesdogs May 21, 2017
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A word given to a person at birth, which is used to refer to them.
On sites such as UrbanDictionary, the definitions for various names will be filled with self/circlejerking retards filling their own insecurities.
"Hey I'm gonna look up my own name on Urban Dictionary, because I am insecure about my current social standing, penis size, relationship status or financial stability"
by BananaMustarder March 19, 2021
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People use names here so they could feel good about themselves and jack off to later when they are feeling down.
Jake: Hey guys, look at these cool names I found! "Handsome as fuck, gonna get that cool girl you saw on Friday, has a big cock"
by Luigigamer940 May 21, 2020
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What people put here on Urban Dictionary so that they can feel better about themselves.

Ex. Juan - a person who has a kind heart and has a long dick, and knows how to make someone feel better.

When in actuality, Juan is a 40 year old fat Mexican man with a small penis and an unhappy marriage
Urban Dictionary names are annoying. Unless your name is Kyle, your name is NOT A FUCKING DEFINITION!
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Person 1: hey! What's your name?

Person 2: My names Evan

Person 1: Your an asshole!!!
by KurtAngelico December 05, 2013
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