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For the past several decades women have continually pressed men into going along with their new ways of thinking, most of it being pure bullshit. Numerous sex partners prior to landing some chump into marriage (typically the number they claim they’ve had can in reality be multiplied by at least five), promiscuity after marriage, demanding men respect their individuality, nagging men to be more sensitive to their needs, demanding equal pay (which is fine if they’re actually doing the same job), getting tattoo’s like a tramp stamp or whatever. They have also adapted the notion that having a bitchy, outspoken attitude is to be tolerated by a prospective male. Most expect a prospective mate to have a good income and be willing to accept them with whatever their pay grade may be, as well as pamper them financially. Generally an available woman over 30 is available because guy(s) out there are just plain fed up with her bullshit. Women now believe they’re able to retain their identity (of a single woman) or individuality by demanding they keep their maiden name and hyphenate it to their married name. Some even refuse to accept his last name at all.
Hyphenated-Names: Any man that willingly buys into this situation on a more permanent basis like marriage is a damn fool and deserves what he gets and will most likely pay both financially and emotionally eventually. Wise up guys! You don’t need a wife, especially one that will bust your balls with her feminist philosophies. It’s a no win situation you’ll most likely regret later. Spend your money on something you’ll really appreciate like a great car. At least with the car, you’ll know how many times it’s been around the block.

Statistically it has become a fact that Caucasian men are now opting not to get married due to what women have become and can foresee all the problems their predecessors have encountered. What kind of mother are these squawky bitches going to make to your children?! Personally, I have one response to a woman that says she would require a hyphenated last name: FUCK – YOU!
by Big Ed Moustapha- December 24, 2012
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