There person who will love you till the Horizon
If you see someone hitting on a guy...then its Naman
by Qismat.. November 22, 2021
Naman is a hot , smart and a handsome boy who attracts everybody .he is a good friend ,he will help you in you entire life .
by March 3, 2022
used in describing people that have uncanny or gullible thoughts. Mainly used before he/she thinks of something uncanny or gullible thing to do, or after doing it.
Example 1:
Person 1: hey, i have a great idea! why don't we put toothpaste in bread so that we don't have to toothbrush anymore?
Person 2: bro... baka naman bobo yarn.

Example 2:
Person 1: *ate bread with toothpaste*
Person 2: bro... why you gotta do that? baka naman bobo yarn.
by MetaMemePlayer February 8, 2022
Sexy boiiiii (no intern)
Oh my god I am so wet for Naman Jain. I just wish he had a job.
by homelander_fanboy August 26, 2022