A word added to the end of a sentence to stress your statement. Accent is on the second syllable.
by Danny SS August 7, 2005
Namanizing means being a Naman
Hey Naman stop Namanizing around
by ElectroFusion23 January 13, 2021
Naman refers to placing your own negative traits or unwanted emotions onto others, usually without reason.
Many girls have left me because I Namanned them.
by Bhasoodi May 3, 2022
Filipino slang expressing admiration or that one’s impressed. “Naks” for short. Usually done in response to someone doing something amazing.
Naks... that was good, men!”
“Did they do that? Naks naman!”
by Abu-Wan Kenobi February 15, 2018
A phrase frequently used by most Filipinos when they are mad.

Puke - Pussy
ng - of
ina - a mother
naman - "it is"
brad! - BRO!
PUKE NG INA NAMAN BRAD! Why did you steal my girlfreand bro?!
by batangtondo October 9, 2011