He can be really sweet and the fun type of annoying at first.
But, as you get to know him you'll probably realize that he is one big asshole, he can be a pervert and can end up making you feel lowly about yourself.
He's like a playboy but the minute he finds the one, he leaves most of his ego behind for her.
Person1: Omg dude that guys been flirting with me and he's such a perv.
Person 2: Yeah he's such a naman
by Platinum all the way March 02, 2019
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1. An individual withholding an immense penis; zubzub.
2. One who naturally signifies the idea and thought of sexy.
3. Jafry is gay.
1. Wow, I got rammed in the ass yesterday, and now I can not walk straight because he was a total naman.
2. Brad Pitt is soooooooooooooooooo naman.
3. I can't wear sweatpants because I am such a naman.
4. I trip on my penis because I'm so naman.
by Zaynah12 January 11, 2010
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A word added to the end of a sentence to stress your statement. Accent is on the second syllable.
by Danny SS August 07, 2005
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Naman is a good man.I'd like to see him and talk to him.

in plural form: It couldn't be killed so a lot of Namen.I hate people who have done that
by Andrius March 03, 2008
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An alternative word for 'Butter Naan' or 'Chocolates'
Also widely used for people who hail from cold areas.
Broo, did'cha try that naan in the restaurant? It was totally Naman!!!
by BruhGetALife September 16, 2017
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