Naman is very kind boy and he's hot and handsome
Naman is very kind boy and he's hot and handsome
by Itschi December 27, 2021
Look at the guy who has all the girls thats a Naman

Zai is next to 10 girls wait thats a Naman
by Zai Shah July 15, 2021

The name itself carries beautiful meaning/s.

He is 'The Craziest' person you'll ever meet. Smirky eyes, Secret smile and unexplored mystery. His dreaming mind-boggling ideas and his own perception to live life will always keep you wondering. If you get to explore his true inner soul, you'll feel the luckiest person to have in your life.
Person1: Do you know "An unexplored crazy world"?
Person2: That's Naman!
by missMIMnOtSAne January 23, 2022
1. An individual withholding an immense penis; zubzub.
2. One who naturally signifies the idea and thought of sexy.
3. Jafry is gay.
1. Wow, I got rammed in the ass yesterday, and now I can not walk straight because he was a total naman.
2. Brad Pitt is soooooooooooooooooo naman.
3. I can't wear sweatpants because I am such a naman.
4. I trip on my penis because I'm so naman.
by Zaynah12 January 11, 2010
Someone who plays cricket and is a dodgy offspinner but also bats very slowly. They then boast about there semi average stats
by Datmaster69 August 6, 2021
The name signifies the name of a legend. This name is only used for people 420 lit way up than u bitch. Dont look at my name fucking slut.
Oh look it's a Naman!!! Run
by Sixslicksheep January 24, 2018
A boy with anger issues and a future psychopath.
Wow Naman is such an annoying and crazy kid
by Psychomaan December 24, 2021