Nali can be a boy or girl name.Either way they are super confident and weird but they are the type of people u wanna be around. They are super funny and can be annoying sometimes but always lighten ur worst days.
Wow have u seen the new guy Nali he looks so cool
by Naliiiiii March 7, 2020
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They are funny, chill, loud, wild, gorgeous, pretty, and fashionable.
They also are very into computer and taking pictures a lot.
Naly is a Great name.
People with that name are smart
and they are quiet but talkative.
by NaRi23 February 7, 2010
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Stupid bitch who does reckless things and can’t get over her ex bf. Everyone lowkey likes her tho because she don’t gaf 😎
I just met Nalys and she’s pretty chill and her booty is astronomical
by Quirky Queen May 31, 2020
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The most amazing person u can ever meet. She is gorgeous and sweet. But don’t get on her nerves cuz she’ll fuck u up. But u have a Nalie keep her very close to you. She will tell u that she will always have your back and she’ll prove it to u💖💖♥️
Me: there’s this girl at school bothering me

Nalie: what’s her name. Where she live. Watch me fix her ass
by My sister 4ever May 29, 2019
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2:Not average at all
4:One word: IDK
Naly is naly. If you don't know Naly well you're just outta luck I guess?
by Noi.. January 9, 2005
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Nali is a super shy girl who loves cutes things but ask her about Disney or books and she'll turn into a tornado of words
person 1:Nali never really talks huh?
person 2: Dude you want to hear her talk ask about a Disney movie
by AllyJones April 2, 2017
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Used in a derogatory sense in the Unreal Tournament series, in the same way that 'girl' would be normally. Note the removal of the indefinite article.
You fight like a girl!


You fight like nali
by paul_9 August 17, 2007
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