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Najd is an addictive drug. Can only be used by goodlooking people. Once you've had Najd/ been Najd you can never go back. Only approach Najd if you have balls.

You've been Najd.
I think you've had too much Najd.
I'm so addicted to Najd.
by its the man from January 02, 2007
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To counter a rough sexual act with a rougher sexual act resulting in bleeding, unconsciousness, or vomiting of the female or male (if your gay) partner, capping it off with a facial.
I naj'd the girl into the door after she tried to choke me.
by Tim123456 May 26, 2010
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another name for a guy with only one ball. either been lost from an accident or fallen off at birth. a najd is a boy or man owning one testicle.

*you have a najd now, but the testicular cancer is no more
by bob the cow March 15, 2007
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