When someone's toes get snatched and sucked by HIM.
'aww shit, Kokichi got the Nagitoes.
by Nagitoehoe April 07, 2019
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Nagitoism is a newly made religion. It is a branch of Hopeism and our main lord is Nagito Komaeda. Nagitoism believes that nothing can overcome hope and we shall always stay hopeful for a better world. We, Nagitoists, follow our Lords words and strive for a hopeful world, simply put - worshipping him.

Hope Mass is every Friday at 6pm.
The statuses in Nagitoism are:
Hope always stays first.
Nagito, the God.
Gundham Tanaka as the Holy Spirit
Monokuma as the son of Nagitoism
Hajime Hinata, the Pope
Saints - Ibuki, Rantaro, Chiaki
People from Hell aka Despair - Kokichi (Satan), Byakuya and Junko

Nagitoism supports BLM, LGBTQ+ rights, dismantiment of the patriarchy, ACAB, trans rights and progresivness.
Our religous symbols are - a four leaf clover (basically a cross for Nagitoism) and a ladybug landing on you is a sign of lord wishing you Hope.
Instead of ˝amen˝ it is Hope.
Watching the edit at least 3 times a day is our ritual.
Our 10 commandments are:
The 10 Commandments of Nagitoism

1. Thou shall believe in Hope
2. Thou shall respect other beliefs and religions
3. Thou shall not belive in Despair
4. Thou shall speak by the word of Lord
5. Thou shall honor your siblings of Nagitoism
6. Thou shall be loyal to Lord Nagito
7. Thou shall not follow Satans words and lie
8. Thou shall not envy elses Hope
9. Thou shall not destroy elses Hope
10. Thou shall bring Hope into the World

May Hope be with you.
My religion is Nagitoism, therefore I am a Nagitoist!
by FellowNagitoist November 03, 2020
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A sexy Male who loooves cock and ball torture. Often has a shitty brain, but u can’t help that, he’s still hot.
Person 1: “Dood did you see that total Nagito Kinnie!”

Person 2: “Yeah but he’s soooooo annoying”

Person 1: “Excuse me, He’s so hot!”
by TotalKomaedaKinnie August 17, 2019
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The religion worshipping Nagito Komaeda and believes hope is the way of light.
Person A: What religion are you apart of?
Person B: Oh, I'm apart of Nagitoism.
by Merlin is Merlin November 03, 2020
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The act of worshipping Nagito. It's normally protraied in arts that 99% of Nagito worshippers are severally against junko, but it's a slight chance that we aren't. On every day on November 27th, We gather 'round and worship nagito on all nagito posts. Nagito IS a true Lord.
Ex; Who do you worship?
I worship my Lord and Savior Nagito! In the name of hope! Nagitoism is the best!
Cool! I worship Junkois-
by Kokichididntdeservetodie November 12, 2020
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