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Noun- Name for a handsome male that makes the chickas go "ouh la la!" and has the ass of a god! Loving and loyal boyfriend that always manages to put a smile on his girl's face.
-Dayummm!! did you see that booty?
-Oh yeah thats a Nafees ass right there!
by Miss-Cat July 25, 2011
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A big daddy gangsta. Nafees has the biggest weiner of all his friends. He enjoys anal and sex toys!

hey did you see the new kid nAfEeS. kid: Yeah his dick is dangling from his booty shorts.
Other kid: Dang i want a 12 inch penis like him
by mahdiisright March 04, 2019
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party pooper, one who poops on parties, one who empties his bowels at social gatherings, a person who defecates at enjoyable meetings.
"You ruined the fun. Way to be a total Nafees!"
by Optimus Axias May 20, 2013
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