I'm headed out with my chickas for the evening.
by JPenny April 15, 2009
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a sound effect made when there is an awkward silence, a pause in conversation, or waiting for something.
Usually said in a whisper.
"Hey, let me put you on hold for one second, my mom is calling."
"Okay..... chicka-chicka-chicka"
by Kriss Kross Applesause August 30, 2008
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when something is so totally awesome you cant help but scream chicka chicka yea!!!!
did you get that fake id made??
chicka chicka yeaaaaa
by jen andrew jj December 10, 2007
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Dude: I got a fake I.D.! Chicka chicka yeah!
Dude 2: cool stuff. *looks at I.D.* .... Why McLovin?

Dude: it was either that or Muhammad.
by Capt. Duock November 17, 2013
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a girl that uses you so she can hook up with your friends
wow that girl is a fucking chicka don't trust her
by bam2403 December 11, 2006
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