A British slang word for if something is bad, or went badly.
George: Oh that film is naf.

Lucy: Pffft. That was naf.
by Patient4479 September 27, 2013
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non-athletic fucker.

can be used in situations other than sports.
if someone just threw a bad pass.
"wow, nice throw naf."

you can also say naf and a half for extra emphasis.
by scrubbucket12 May 9, 2008
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Goerge: Oh I'm pure raging at that film, it was propa naf! }:( Grrr
by Original top shagger January 14, 2019
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Nasty as fuck
Something/Someone that is disgusting,ugly,undesirable,gross.
That girl is so naf ; this food is naf.
by Heyyyyloii December 2, 2015
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an office-friendly alternative to f*cked. implies dismissal, disdain, dislike, disinterest, etc.
well he can go and get naffed then.
by ezz September 24, 2004
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Nafilo Nafster (NAF NAF) was a semi professional boxer from the 90's, and good friends with fellow boxer and american superstar Mike Tyson.
At a young age of 6, he was found punching away at boxed up products from his family shop "TEEN SCENE", it was here that promoter Damo Damo "Dun No" found a new star.
By the age of 13 he was already amatuer World champion, and he just grew more and more successful. But just 4 days until his 18th birthday, and turning professional, he was killed, in a drive by which is still today said to be organised by supposed friend mike tyson, but no evidence was found against him and therefore no charge was placed upon him.

Today people remember him for the name NAF NAF, and use this expression to explain when something amazing happens to them or around them, as of the joy Nafilo Nafster brung people through the sport.
Jay - Oi fam lets go town ini
Ben - Ite bled ill just ask Saym!

(Phonecall to Saym)
Ben - hello maam, i was wondering if your son Saym was there.
Maam - sorry hes already gone out

(knock on the door, and answered to reveal Saym)
Ben & Jay - SAYMMMMMMM, your here dun no fam.
Saym - you alright guys, was wondering if you want to go down town for some food?
Ben & Jay - Ahhh dun no
Jay - Naf Naf mannnnn, oh saymmmm
Ben - NAF NAF IT UP!!!!
Jay, Ben & Saym - POW!!!
by SADZ :P June 11, 2010
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