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She's the most beautiful girl you'll meet in Ur life. From outside as well as the inside.You will always find her smiling in the most difficult times as well. She is the coolest prettiest and most loyal friend u can get ...
Naba is the best!!!!!
by Sareee03 October 28, 2017
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The most supportive and loving girl that walks this earth. She has beautiful eyes that sparkle even at night. Her smile can light up a whole room filled with darkness. And her laugh is contagious and cute. Naba is an excellent kisser. If she falls in love, she won't stop thinking about you. She's so SO SO funny, she makes everyone smile, shes a retard but everyone LOVES her for that reason, shes unique and beautiful,she always ALWAYS cheers you up, no matter what, seeing her makes you smile automatically, shes a great friend never tells your secrets,she's someone you can always trust, someone you can literally call a BEST FRIEND. Naba is a person everyone needs. She'll be there for you. Naba has a caring heart, and any guy would be extremely lucky to have her. She really has a heart of gold. She's supportive. She's probably the most likely to leave a string of broken hearts behind when she leaves. if a Naba is hurt or upset although they won't ask or want to talk about it at first, what they really want is for someone they love to just hold them while they cry and then talk about their feelings and thoughts. whatever you do don't let a Naba go out of your life. and if you are in love with one.. tell them before its to late.
Honestly Naba is a person that I never want to lose.
by sambam1234567 June 01, 2018
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naba is someone who may be smart at school, but does crazy ass things, can be a professional idiot, and may lack some common sense.
i wish common sense was more common in naba
by fangirl12 August 03, 2017
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Naba is the most pretties girl you will ever meet, she is honest, loyal , and never lets you down. She's smart but does a lot of dumb ass things. She has such a warm heart, she can be weird and goofy but her friends love her a lot. She's also a HUGE procrastinator. She gives great hugs and is always down to snuggle. She manages to be incredibly smart and sexy at the same time. She will do any thing to protect and care for the people she loves
person 1: I love Naba

person 2: who doesn't?
by sambam1234567 June 01, 2018
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A big bitch. Such an asshole and a lil kid who is a wannabe 18+ and pretty too lol
Naba sucks
by Ryxxn777 March 23, 2019
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