pronounced; NUFF

australian definition; meaning cute, sexy, beautiful, handsome, cool, mad etc.

also the same meaning for "nuff jah"
"damn, he's how nuff"
"omg how nuff that wanna be"
"how fukn nuff"
by b a b ii - f l i p s t a h March 03, 2006
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When a member of the opposite sex isn't really that hot, but at the time is simply good enough for the task at hand.
Damn, after these five beers, I'm pretty sure that chick is just 'nuff.

Girl, let me tell you, it's small, it's cute, and just 'nuff.
by Cliff-E April 23, 2019
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An abstract unit signifying 'a sufficient amount'.
"Would you like more pie?"
"No thanks. I've had a nuff."
by TheArbiter9001 January 06, 2017
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The ESB's own sex pest. An 'any holes a goal' type character, young or old, male or female, and on some occasions he will stick to his own species.
Nuff, "No".
by GTMSBT January 19, 2012
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normally paired with the term jah. see nuff jah
by steve November 16, 2003
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