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"Ive got a right stinky clunge"
by Sheena July 13, 2003

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short for enough
He's stupid, there's nothing more to him...nuff said.
by Sheena May 31, 2003

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a rich kid trust fund baby that takes on the bohemian lifestyle & leaves his posh lifestyle behind.

known to flock great metropolitan areas, and wear their hair in dreadlocks. they are always white, and are apt to identify as a rasta.
you know, that kid with the dreads? the trustafundian??

i love how he pretends that he is poor. meanwhile his parents send him checks to live better than us all!
by sheena August 16, 2004

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A Big Ol Getto Booty
Damn that girl got a weapon of ass destruction. She can blow be any time
by sheena October 01, 2003

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Sheena's pet and future husband :)
Brady Melchert
by Sheena May 25, 2004

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also used expressively-
"Ive got an itchy foo"
"You're getting on my foo"
"Foo off"
by Sheena June 18, 2003

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a guy that has boobs, atleast a b-cup
That guy has teets!
by sheena October 21, 2003

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