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Ninja Sex Party (NSP) is a band created by Danny Sexbang (Leigh Daniel Avidan) and Ninja Brian (Brian Wecht). They make music that usually involves Danny attempting to hit on women, but ultimately failing. While Danny's character is a self-centered douchebag, he is very nice in person. Brian's character is a murderous Ninja, but in real life he is a theoretical physicist.

Ninja Sex Party is also a part of another band called "Starbomb". Starbomb includes Danny, Brian, and Egoraptor. Starbomb's premise is to make songs about video game characters being put into adult situations.
by Arin's Chins June 25, 2014
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Proof that music isn’t dead yet.
Ninja Sex Party is a band formed by well known comedian Danny Avidan, and Brian Wecht. Just about every one of their songs includes incredibly sexual themes and lyrics and it’s amazing, final oppinion, amazing band, great people, great music.
Person 1:”Hey dude, did you listen to the new Ninja Sex Party album.”
Person 2:”Hell yeah man, just like the others it was amazing.”
Person 3:”Oh I don’t listen to that crap, I listen to real music, like Kanye.”
Person 1:”No one would blame us if he killed him.”
Person 2:”Agreed.”
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by Blacklisted Omnivore May 18, 2018
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