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NO Raped

‘NO Raped’ is a MGTOW term. MGTOW know feminist believe that a man saying ‘NO’ to a woman is a crime equivalent to rape.
MGTOW 1: My neighbor is a malicious gossip…

MGTOW 2: Ignore her, she is trouble!

MGTOW 1: I know.. When she asked me to use my computer to hack on her husband’s financial accounts I told her to F-OFF !

MGTOW 2: That was a MISTAKE! Now that you have ‘NO Raped’ her, she is probably recruiting White Knight Losers to Avenger Her! Remember, all a she has to do is ‘Cry’, ‘Lie’ and ‘Point’ and your life is F*ed.
by neMaki.418 October 17, 2017
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