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Nu Gangsta Philosophy (Word, Nigga)

The utter mention of NGP will grant you a nice, unjustified suspension from school, mad street cred from tha homies, and tons of ghetto pussy.
Did you hear about Dunbar's suspension ?
Yeah, totally he caused shit in tha house for saying "Motherfuckers, NGP is tha dope man. They got maaad things goin' fo them, just like that Eminem guy."
by NGP WHA? June 18, 2010
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NGP, aka Nigga Got Played. To have been put in an embarassing or comprimising situation by another person. To be wrecked by another person.
"Bobby pushed Tommy and he fell down the stairs." Oh, shit, Tommy got NGP'd."
by Hey Buhl August 27, 2005
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Nigga Got Paid.

A term used to describe the regression of effort in an athlete after they sign a new fat contract. It is a documented effect upon many athletes across all sports.
"Man, Chris Johnson is terrible this year." "Yeah, He's got NGP status now, man"
by GaryO October 25, 2011
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No Good Pussy. Practically means that the person gets no girls or only dirty girls
"Did you hear that James hooked up with Rebecca last night?"
"No way dude that guy gets NGP"
by UndefinΓ©d January 19, 2015
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