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For someone to be a complete nuisance and annoyance, and saying that they're a therapy session states that they are the cause of you going to a therapy session.
Nuisance: Why do you like green?
You: Cuz its cool.
Nuisance: Why is it cool?
You: idk.
Nuisance: Why don't you know?
You: Oh my gosh, you're being a damn THERAPY SESSION right now.
Nuisance: ...
by Sorin's Defs October 31, 2017
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Time spent with your friends conversating and discussing all aspects of life while partaking in the consumption of specific illicit substances for extended periods of time, See also Crackhead Sundays.
Jeff really needed his therapy session(s) this weekend since spending time sober in the suburbs has made him feel confined and restricted beyond his control.
by The Little Justice League December 30, 2009
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