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You drop all your pixie stix in a puddle. You yell out, Nerts!
by Joe January 15, 2005
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A swear replacer. Don't say a swear, use "nert". Teachers and parents don't know what it means so it makes it a way to beat the system.
My teacher was pissing me off and I screamed "nert" and she didn't know what it meant so I got away with it.
by Dan Haan May 24, 2012
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A word made up by two kids named Nick and Allen in high school that is best described as an antonym to the "F" word. This word sums up incredibly stupid, yet serious, situations. Can also be used as a response to something extremely clichΓ©.

This word evolved out of a sound made to imitate retarded people. It was more like "Ner-ner-nerrrrt!" in it's original form.
Dad: Son, you can't go to the dance until you've done all your chores!

Son: Nert...
by Allen Smith October 09, 2007
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-Used to express your feelings that something is stupid, ill-conceived, immature, or just an all around bad idea. Basically means, "That's retarded!"

-First documented use in Meridian, Idaho in the early 90's. Evolved from the sound people make to immitate mental retardation.
Someone says or does something stupid. You say, "NERT!"
by jcaufield June 27, 2011
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When you can see nipples poking through the shirt. AKA Nipples Erected Right Through Shirt
Dude, Did you see her NERTS? She had some pretty big silver dollar pancakes!
by Wild Bor November 29, 2009
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