Yb is the best rapper that ever walked on earth, and he's creating he's own NBA team by making all these kids. He'll soon have 38 soon 🥶💯🐍
If when u hear the word goat u don't immediately think of nba youngboy then u have a mental disorder
by Just a random nigga December 24, 2020
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The best fuckin rapper in the game don't @ me
Ay y'all bettah not talk shii bout NBA Youngboy he best inna game
by 604jay April 24, 2021
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NBA Youngboy is just not a rapper, he is our master, our legend, our reason to live. Youngboy is better then Eminem and has more hits then Drake. Please Free Youngboy or I'll have to step up and do it myself.
NBA Youngboy helped me through tuff times he truly is The Goat
by Slime 4kt October 7, 2021
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Kentrell Gualden one of the best rappers alive with hit songs such as House Arrest Tingz, You The One and more one of my favorite rappers in my opinion
NBA Youngboy is Black Air Force activity
by 4KT vLoneeee February 28, 2022
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Q: Did you hear the new NBA Youngboy song yesterday?
A: Yes, his music is lit!!
by Lil Sean the goat January 8, 2022
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NBA Youngboy is the best rapper of all times. He drops hits after hits and never misses. He’s the most versatile rapper to ever exist.
Mentally Disabled People: NBA Youngboy is trash and all his songs sound the same
by Nigga That Fucks Ya Moms June 12, 2021
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