Person 1: I love Drake, he’s my favorite rapper
Person 2: yb better🤡
by Pimp & b May 16, 2021
A "young boul" or if you're in a gang, "young blood" for all them red niggas.
Did you see Tyrone over at Tonya's yesterday, he was shootin up the whole place..that yb be growing up.
by Curls(: December 13, 2016
The name of THE GOAT NBA YOUNGBOY aka the best rapper to ever do it
Aye you listened to that new yb
by Lqnce6s November 24, 2021
Yb stands for young boul. A philly term used when talking to someone smaller than you.
by Philly215! April 25, 2017
Young Bitch Syndrome - when a younger female is acting up over stupid shit
John: "this bitch be snap chatting me random shit just to keep up a snap streak"

Marvin: "Damn bruh she got some major YBS"
by rahrah519 November 2, 2018